Friday, February 25, 2011

Newborn Diaper Rental

A newborn diaper rental program is an excellent idea. I heard about a really great rental program by Itsy Bitsy Bums before baby # 2 was born and decided to give it a try. We started the moment we got home from the hospital. For 3 months of diapering, we paid $75. You CAN'T beat that! Here's my estimated savings:

12 diaper changes a day @ 23 cents a peice for newborn disposable diapers = $2.76 a day
90 days @ $2.76 = $248.40
$248.40 (cost of disposables) - $75.00 (cost of cloth rental) = $173.40 in savings for just 3 months! That's not even taking into account the savings you will have from using cloth wipes. I mean, you're washing your diapers... why not throw in the wipes? Also, you don't have to have a trash can or diaper genie to dispose of wipes, in addition to a wet bag for diapers. It just doesn't make sense to do one and not the other.

Most All in One diapers are too big to fit little newborn bums. This way you can get diapers that fit your little baby well, without having to buy them when you'll use them for only about 3 months. These diapers contain the special messes that newborns make. I've not had any messes go beyond the bounderies of the diaper. Besides the savings, there are all the other reasons I talked about before -

This is an awesome package. You'll get 25 Kissaluvs diapers in size 0, 4 Thirsties Duo Aplix Covers in size 1, and a Grandma El's rash cream sample.
Go check it out:
To save a little more, purchase a used package:
(That's actually what we did, and they came in great shape.)

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